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Through our commitment to reliability, we save lives. CON-SPACE Communications Ltd. and its five principal product lines are the eyes, ears and voice of first responders around the world for almost two decades. CON-SPACE Hardline, the SearchCam line, Delsar Life Detectors, the EntryLink and CON-SPACE Radio Accessories — now all manufactured by CON-SPACE Communications — are the “originals” in the field of technical rescue. They’re time-proven, reliable, field tested and easy to use. First responders rely on the “originals” to save lives.
CON-SPACE Communications started in 1991 by responding to the needs of our customers — people working in hazardous, confined spaces. This led to the creation of a complete line of Intrinsically Safe, rugged and reliable communications gear now used by first responders throughout the world. Emergency situations are complex. Rescuers confront multi-hazard emergencies that necessitate the use of specialized gear and tactics. Communications during any emergency are crucial, whether it’s with the rescue team, the incident commander, company officers or victims. Audio, video and acoustic devices are all used to locate and rescue trapped victims.
Eyes, Ears & Voice CON-SPACE Communications is continually seeking to provide first responders with a complete communications solution that includes not only audio, but video and acoustic capability. That’s why in April 2007, CON-SPACE, Search Systems and Delsar Life Detectors joined forces. All are originals in technical search and rescue equipment, and together we provide a completely integrated communications solution to rescue workers.
SearchCam 3000

The SearchCam 3000 locates victims trapped in collapsed buildings.  The articulating waterproof camera head with LED lighting pinpoints the victims’ location so that rescuers can extract them.  The SearchCam’s on-screen graphics direct the rescue team to where and how to begin extraction.  The two-way audio allows rescuers to communicate with the victim.  Rescuers can record video and voice, as well as take still photos of the search. 


SearchCam 2000

The original search and rescue camera is still used by FEMA, UKSAR, State Urban Search and Rescue teams and Search and Rescue training schools throughout North America. This camera is designed for life detection and body recovery.




SearchCam 3000 Features

Detachable Camera Heads – switch from color to black and white

Records Video, Voice & Still Images

240 Articulating Camera Head

Waterproof Camera

Expandable Tube Sets – Camera extends from 14 inches to 19 feet




SearchCam 2000 Features
Color Camera

Telescoping Probe expands from 41” to 92”
180 Articulating Camera Head
Video Display of Camera’s position
Two-way Communications with victim
Video Display shows Camera’s orientation


SearchCam Recon II

The SearchCam Recon II extends the technical rescuer’s search capability.  Designed for Urban Search and Rescue teams, the SearchCam Recon II features a telescoping probe that extends the rescuer’s viewing area to over 10 feet.  This general-purpose camera system is ideal for use  on rubble piles and in multi-floor search operations


SearchCam CableProbe

Designed to locate victims trapped in confined spaces, the SearchCam CableProbe can be lowered 250 feet.  In shafts, wells, tunnels or mine rescues, the camera’s two-way audio and lighting allow the attendants to see and hear what the entry team encounters.   If trouble is encountered, both the back-up rescue team and the attendant can react immediately.  The CableProbe comes with a magnetic clamp that can be positioned on bulkheads and used to monitor situations remotely.



SearchCam Recon II Accessories

Video Display Extension Cable 15’ (4.6m) - SC2-VDE

Battery Pack - SC-BAT25

Video Output Cable - SC2-VOC

(Provides RCA/BNC video out for recording or remote monitoring)


SearchCam Mongoose

The SearchCam Mongoose is a small, compact video inspection camera used for victim extraction.  Rescue workers rely on this entry-level, lightweight camera to locate victims in structural collapse, breaching and vehicle extrication operations.  Technical rescuers who require a good quality camera for quick searches choose the SearchCam Mongoose.  The Camera is also available as an accessory configuration to the SearchCam 2000


SearchCam CableProbe Features

Colour Camera

Two-Way Audio

Remote Controlled Articulating Camera Head (180 degree) right to left

On Screen Status Display

Camera Head can be lowered to depths of 250 feet (76 meters)

Magnetic Clamp to position camera head for hands-free viewing

Xenon High Intensity Illumination

Three Hours of Continuous Use





SearchCam Breaching System


SearchCam Mongoose Specifications

Color Camera

Waterproof Camera Head

5” LCD Detachable Display

LED Lighting on Camera Head

One Directional Articulating Camera Head – 120 Degrees from centre

Compatible with all SearchCam 2000 Accessories

Two hour endurance under full load
Made in the USA


The Searchcam Breaching System gives USAR teams the ability to rapidly breach void spaces in collapsed buildings and conduct victim searches using the Searchcam Victim Location Camera. In the event that access is blocked by a steel beam or concrete slab, a 2” diameter hole can be rapidly bored using the 2.75 horsepower, 40 cc, 2-cycle gasoline engine and a diamond or carbide bit. The system operates at 950 rpm.


SearchCam Breaching System Features

Cores 3” Per Minute Through Standard Concrete

Comes with 4 Carbide or Diamond Bits

Cuts through Concrete, Steel Reinforcement Bar, Wood, Sheet Metal

Gas Powered, Self Contained Breaching System

Lightweight, Mobile

Compatible with all SearchCam Cameras

Pressurized Water Can for Cooling Bits 




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