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Salamander Technologies' Accountability Solutions provide agencies across North America with a fully interoperable emergency incident command structure based upon NIMS operating procedures. Mutual Aid need onlyto arrive on-scene with the interTRAX barcoded ID Tag -whether it is a standard clip-on "dog" tag, a velcro "PASSport", or a plastic hard card. A interTRAX barcoded ID tag contains agency specifics, personnel info, rank, qualifications, andvital medical data.Currently, more than3,000 agencies throughout North Americaare able towork together in this way.

Manual Accountability

“Dog Tags”

“Clemons System”


Manual ACCOUNTABILITY, formerly known as fireTRAX, this traditional 2-tag accountability system features collection rings and boards. Tags include a PDF417 interTRAX barcode to be compatible with automated tracking – perfect for volunteer departments and mutual aid.

Traditional 2-tag system-survivable back-up

Compatible with automated system (PDF417 Barcode)

MOBILE handheld units capture data from ID tags for assigning and tracking personnel and equipment. For larger incidents, synch data to Command.

Handheld unit captures data from IDs

Assigns and tracks personnel and equipment

Company or group tracking

Syncs data to COMMAND

MOBILE PIV is our mobile solution for Personnel Identity Verification (PIV) of FIPS 201/FRAC smart-cards. MOBILE PIV is CoreStreet enabled for connecting to the Federal Bridge.

COMMAND is essentially an electronic command board.

Consolidates mobile data into summary tactical diagram   

Functions as an electronic command board

Summary PAR reports and multiple timers

Interagency: track all responders, visitors, patients, evacuees and civilians

Syncs data to interTRAX exchange

Available in a self-contained work center/carry case

Constant awareness of the status and locations of personnel at your site is the cornerstone of fire ground safety. NFPA 1561 mandates the use of an accountability system – including the ability to rapidly Account for personnel on scene as well as special tracking of crews in the Hot Zone.


Salamander Technologies is the leading supplier of accountability solutions in the USA with more than 400 automated systems installed and over 3,000 manual accountability customers nationwide. Prominent customers include the United States Capital Police, Dallas-Ft. Worth Dept. of Health, City of Richmond, Dept. of Defense Fire Training Academy, Redstone Arsenal, State of Michigan USAR, Pocono Raceway, and Michigan State Police - Super Bowl Security.

The goal of our solution is simple:  to unite our country's emergency services with interoperable, NIMS compatible systems for tracking all responders, volunteers, and victims at an incident.  Tracking information is managed on-scene to ensure accountability, safety, and site access control. The information is made available to off-scene facilities for wide-area resource management during a public safety or public health emergency.

The five guiding principals of our solutions:


Simplicity:  Both manual and electronic methods of accountability with a historical standard SOP and a “no typing” comprehensive electronic solution.

Scalable: From a basic EMS run to a five-alarm, multiple structure fire, Salamander Technologies’ Solutions can scale with one SOP.

Survivable: Rugged hardware, redundant methods and systems, historical data, archive able, lends new meaning to “Everybody Goes Home.”

Security: Scene management, data protection/privacy, access control of who, what, when, where, and why.

Standard: Unites mutual aid with common ID format and tracking system.


These five principles extend to data management at your command post. From a simple manual accountability system, to a handheld mobile unit, to a laptop PC that turns into an Electronic Command Board - you can graphically display all responding units, personnel, victims, and assets with one solution. NIMS compatible accountability is the call: Salamander Technologies’ Accountability Solutions are the answer.



FIRE DEPARTMENTS - Truck checks, hydro-testing, and periodic maintenance (NFPA 1851).

HEALTH DEPARTMENTS - POD management, vaccination distribution, and inventory control.

EMS AGENCIES - Expiration dates, consumables, and periodic maintenance.

LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES - Evidence tracking, weapons accountability, periodic maintenance (squad cars).

HAZMAT TEAMS - Consumables, FEMA reimbursement, expiration dates, and equipment calibration.


AssetTRAX provides a fast and accurate solution featuring easy “aim and shoot” barcode scanning, cutting hours off of periodic equipment checks, inspections, maintenance procedures, and physical inventories. assetTRAX makes it easy to maintain a historical record and audit trail providing 100% accountability for all assets that need to be managed.


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