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  Intelagard, a privately held company based in Colorado, was founded in 1991 by Dennis Smagac and John Breedlove. Using advanced Compressed Air Foam technology, Intelagard’s first system was designed to protect high risk properties from wildfires. Ongoing product evolution has resulted in the issuance of a number of patents now held by the company. Intelagard products have received numerous awards for innovation. For over a decade, Intelagard has manufactured tactical, multi-purpose compressed air foam solutions for First Responders, Military, Homeland Security and Domestic Preparedness personnel, and industry. Intelagard systems are designed for multi-hazard response. The same unit can be used for vapor suppression on Monday, to decontaminate a lab on Tuesday, and for fire suppression on Wednesday by simply changing the formulation as appropriate. The patented Intelagard technology produces a unique foam bubble structure that adheres even to glass and inverted metal surfaces. Economical, and easy to operate and maintain, all Intelagard systems use commercially available foams and bio-remediation agents. Versatile and dependable, the Intelagard family of products provides cost-efficient and powerful emergency response solutions.  



Macaw CAF Backpack


  The Macaw provides versatile power in the world's first totally independent Compressed Air Foam (CAF) backpack. More powerful than standard extinguishers, the multi-purpose Macaw can be used for fire suppression, exposure protection, hazardous materials cleanup as well as decontamination. The award-winning Macaw harnesses the strength of stored air energy in a comfortable backpack design. Ease of operation combines with rugged construction to create a portable CAF system that is reliable and ready for instant response in the most demanding situations.

The Macaw multiplies the five gallons (18.9L) of carried water into as much as 350 gallons (1325L) of finished foam through the unique Enviroshield expansion technology. The Macaw can shoot a stream of foam up to 40 feet (12.2m) enabling the user to maintain a safe distance from smoke, flame or heat.


Developed for emergency response professionals, the Macaw has been deployed by military, fire professionals, hazmat teams and civilians alike. Macaw, the ultimate in CAF portability and performance

Merlin Portable CAF System



The Merlin represents a new standard for portable, self-contained Compressed Air Foam (CAF) systems. The self-contained units are designed to give the emergency response professional unparalleled versatility, power and mobility. The Merlin optimizes the performance of standard fire fighting foams, hazmat remediation agents, and powerful decontamination foam formulations.

The Merlin provides rapid deployment capabilities and ease of operation for emergency response professionals deployed in Level A, MOPP and turnout gear. The system controls are ergonomically designed for quick activation, and the control module is easily removable for remote deployment. The Merlin has been designed to operate as a fully self-contained unit, or as an integrated system that can be operated from auxiliary power sources and bulk agent storage for long term use.

The rugged 15 gallon (57 L) system is capable of expanding its payload up to 70 times, and projecting the expanded foam up to 40 feet (12.2 m), depending on the foam product and the nozzle used. The sturdy frame allows for safe use on uneven terrain, and the twin polyethylene fluid tanks allow for use with either single or dual-agent fire fighting, in addition to maximum versatility in the use of decontamination foam products.


The patented binary tank configuration enables the user to maintain immediate readiness without compromising the strength of the decontamination foams. The Merlin is an ideal portable powerhouse for use in fire suppression, exposure protection, hazmat cleanup and decontamination. The size of the system allows it to go where most vehicles and larger systems would not.The Merlin embodies Intelagard's patented, award-winning technology for high performance, innovation and dependability.


SwiftCAF™ ATV All Terrain
Vehicle System




The SwiftCAF ATV System is a small to medium scale, vehicular transportable and highly versatile Compressed Air Foam system designed for mounting onto a variety of platforms including ATVs, trucks, trailers and similar portable devices. The SwiftCAF ATV System is ideal for most portable applications due to its lightweight, minimum space requirement and self-contained energy source. The SwiftCAF ATV System is perfectly suited for rapid incident attack or response, especially for use in restricted access emergency situations and cross country, off-road and rugged terrain situations.

As with all Intelagard products, the SwiftCAF ATV System has been tested under rigorous conditions. It is designed for multi-hazard response and is durable, easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. This powerful system supports a wide range of applications for emergency response professionals in all fields of service including volunteer fire personnel, forestry, wildland, military, industrial – and for all aspects of fire, HAZMAT, decontamination remediation applications.

The SwiftCAF ATV System has a projection distance of up to 35’ (10.7 m) with smooth bore nozzle. The SwiftCAF ATV System expands foam up to 80:1. Unit includes standard smooth bore nozzle, 7’ (2.1 m) hose with locking trigger handset, cylinder mount and safety strap. The system may be powered by most standard SCBA cylinders. Vehicle not included, cylinder optional, one year limited warranty.

The SwiftCAF ATV System may be used with all classes of fire suppression foams, HAZMAT remediation foams, and CBRN decontamination formulations.





In an emergency situation, whether urban or rural, access for critical response equipment is often limited. Now you can turn your Utility Terrain Vehicle into a powerful, highly mobile fire fighting tool with the Intelagard SwiftRunner.

The compact, durable, corrosion resistant polypropylene tank and skid makes this system an easy slip-in unit for a wide range of UTVs. When needed, the SwiftRunner may also be used for decontamination and HAZMAT response operations. Fifty and 100-gallon solution tank sizes are standard and split tank configurations are available for deployment of multi-part formulations.

The SwiftRunner is easy-to-use and requires minimal training for safe and effective operation. Two light weight air cylinders allow the 50-gallon solution tank to be emptied two times before additional air is needed. The internally baffled tank decreases fluid shifting for optimal vehicle stability on uneven terrain. The rugged air powered pump is capable of operating with saltwater and gray water, and can pass sand and grit up to a quarter inch.

The optional remote controlled monitor and terrain spray-bar provide additional versatility for a wide range of operations. Emergency lighting packages are also available.

The SwiftRunner is ready to respond as a fire fighting tool or decontamination unit. Maximize your resources in one easy-to-use unit.


Falcon III Fixed Site
Decontamination System






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